Gina Burgess Quilts


Amazing Irises ©Gina Burgess Celtic Renaissance © Gina Burgess Celtic Rainbow © Gina Burgess
Amazing Irises
Celtic Renaissance
Celtic Rainbow
Citrus ©Gina Burgess Daisy Chain © Gina Burgess Curves© Gina Burgess
Daisy Chain
Blue Wrens © Gina Burgess Blue Wrens © Gina Burgess Preening His Feathersi © Gina Burgess
Heart of Gold I
Heart of Gold II
Preening His Feathers
A Touch of Folk © Gina Burgess A Touch of Folk © Gina Burgess  
Gina's Studio
Touch of Folk

Borders with Attitude

Spring ©Gina Burgess Trip Around the Ocean ©Gina Burgess Pansy ©Gina Burgess
Spring Fever
Trip Around the Ocean

Kaleidoscope Quilts

Kaleidoscope Medallion ©Gina Burgess Kaleidoscope Safari ©Gina Burgess Spring ©Gina Burgess
Kaleidoscope Medallion
Kaleidoscope Safari

Stained Glass

Nodding Poppy Gumleaves Rose Tulip Bowl Victorian Bloom Tulip Tiger Lily
Nodding Poppy
Gum leaves*
Tulip Bowl
Victorian Bloom
Tiger Lily
Blue Wren Rosellas Fanlight Reflection
Blue Wren*
Fanlight Reflection

*Blue Wrens, Rosellas and Gumleaf designs courtesy of The Lead Balloon, Malvern, Victoria.
**Tulip bowl pattern courtesy of Chantal Pare.